1. Meetings


One of the objectives of this strategic tourism plan is to promote the participation of stakeholders from the tourism sector and other economic and social sectors in planning tourism policies. To this end, both individual and group meetings have been held with the entities, people and positions listed in the table below. Panels of experts have also taken place to learn their opinion on the degree of importance and/or impact of some aspects in Mallorca’s future tourism sector.

Since the beginning of the project at the end of December 2019, a total of seven group sessions and ten individual sessions have been held and the following topics have been discussed: connectivity, saturation, seasonality, markets, city of Palma, tourism model, visitor profile, destination image, products, visitor service, governance, promotion channels, use of data and smart tourism, infrastructures and services, and other key factors involved in producing the Strategic Tourism Plan of Mallorca 2020–2023. Below is a summary of the main details of the individual and group sessions.





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These meetings resulted in a very broad consensus on the need for:

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Below are the most relevant aspects based on the issues covered:

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2. Panel of Experts


Besides establishing a participatory and agreed action plan, the Strategic Tourism Plan of Mallorca 2020–2023 also defines a management model for the destination that consolidates the collaboration between the Mallorca Tourism Foundation, the tourism business sector and their representative organisations.

Consequently, we sought the opinion of experts with knowledge of the sector in order to anticipate the most important future transformations that may occur in the tourism sector in general and in Mallorca in particular.
The tourism experts rated a series of items between 1 (minimum score) and 8 (maximum score) based on the degree of importance and/or impact that they believe the following issues will have for the future of tourism in Mallorca.
As can be seen in the attached table, experts in tourism consider that the issues with the highest degree of importance and/or impact for the future of tourism in Mallorca are:


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The following table shows other aspects that the experts believe are of interest for the Mallorca destination and that have not been previously considered. They are listed in order of priority.

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Finally, out of all the analysed items, the experts have indicated which they consider the most important in order of priority.

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