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Factor 1: Consolidation: list of actions and descriptive datasheets per line.


The need to continue maintaining Mallorca’s position as a well-known domestic and international destination requires the CONSOLIDATION of key and strategic elements and actions, especially considering all the changes and new concepts in the worldwide tourism sector.

The aim is to establish a constant growth rate for the destination based on 34 major lines of action so that Mallorca can keep its positioning and also consolidate new opportunities and assets. All the actions are to take place within a crosscutting collaboration framework between each and every one of the stakeholders involved in the destination’s tourism activity (public entities, collectives, business enterprises, workforce, etc.).

Some of these major lines of action, especially those concerning promotion and marketing, have been broken down into more specific actions. This breakdown can be seen in the datasheets produced for Factor 1 for each of the crosscutting lines to be addressed.
Before these datasheets, the table below details the basic list of actions in the central strategic block:





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SUMMARY OF ACTIONS. Factor 1: Consolidation


Strategic Objectives

O1. Strengthening the Mallorca brand by disassociating it from low-cost mass tourism.
O2. Promoting the role of ambassadors/influencers as representatives of the destination’s value chain.
O3. Consolidating and strengthening both traditional and potential outbound markets.

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Factor 2: Innovation: list of actions and descriptive datasheets per line.


Introducing measures and alternatives that can make the destination far more efficient and versatile is essential to optimise the plan’s central objectives and actions and is closely related to the crosscutting concept that features throughout its entire system.

The Island of Mallorca has enough resources to enhance its current offering and to provide added value, especially as there are now new forms of tourism, segments, multisegments, etc. Implementing INNOVATION at a destination must focus initially on seeking more effectiveness of available resources, tapping into their potential and tourist appeal using sustainability and area balance parameters at all times.


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SUMMARY OF ACTIONS. Factor 2: Innovation.


Strategic Objectives:

O4. Strengthening and diversifying the tourism offering by promoting the destination’s chain value.
O5. Fostering strategies for expanding experiences at the destination.
O6. Focusing the destination’s promotional actions on the new world of digital tourism marketing.

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Factor 3: Sustainability: list of actions and descriptive datasheets per line.


SUSTAINABILITY is one of the central mainstays defining the strategic tourism plan of Mallorca.  In the current context of tourism destinations, sustainability has gone from being a specific action to a reason for choosing a destination. This aspect becomes even more important considering that we’re talking about a mature destination like Mallorca. On this basis, we need to introduce measures that consider sustainability criteria so we can preserve cultural, social and environmental assets and offer alternatives and corrective measures for mass tourism.

As in the preceding datasheets, the following table contains a summary description of 20 sustainability actions to implement in each of the crosscutting areas or lines of action we must consider:



SUMMARY OF ACTIONS. Factor 3: Sustainability.


Strategic Objectives

O7. Stressing the importance of maintaining and preserving quality of life at the destination, seeking mutual benefit for tourists, visitors and the resident population at all times.
O8. Improving the perception of the destination by involving all tourism stakeholders, including users.
O9. Introducing measures to protect the destination, its resources and area as a whole from being linked to low-cost mass tourism.

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Factor 4: Smart Destination: list of actions and descriptive datasheets per line.


Today the key to ensuring a quality tourism experience at a destination is closely related to incorporating new technologies. We’re talking about adding tools that provide sustainable and innovative solutions to all the stakeholders directly and indirectly involved in tourism.

It is vitally important to strive towards a crosscutting management model that interlinks area and social aspects at the destination as incorporating new technologies and monitoring the sector are crucial for transforming it and for its future vision as a SMART DESTINATION.


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SUMMARY OF ACTIONS. Factor 4: Smart Destination.


Strategic Objectives

O10. Establishing an ongoing knowledge system using new technologies so that the destination can adapt to demand’s requirements.
O11. Increasing the destination’s efficiency, the use of infrastructures and the services provided by promoting new technologies.

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Operation Plan

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